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"Ableism must be included in our analysis of oppression and in our conversations about violence, responses to violence and ending violence. Ableism cuts across all of our movements because ableism dictates how bodies should function against a mythical norm—an able-bodied standard of white supremacy, heterosexism, sexism, economic exploitation, moral/religious beliefs, age and ability. Ableism set the stage for queer and trans people to be institutionalized as mentally disabled; for communities of color to be understood as less capable, smart and intelligent, therefore “naturally” fit for slave labor; for women’s bodies to be used to produce children, when, where and how men needed them; for people with disabilities to be seen as “disposable” in a capitalist and exploitative culture because we are not seen as “productive;” for immigrants to be thought of as a “disease” that we must “cure” because it is “weakening” our country; for violence, cycles of poverty, lack of resources and war to be used as systematic tools to construct disability in communities and entire countries."


Mia Mingus, “Moving Toward the Ugly: A Politic Beyond Desirability” (via cactoids)

reminder that physical illness is a valid reason to stay off school or work but mental illness is not. reminder that the loudest voice ‘for’ autism wants to ‘cure’ it. reminder that society will give investment bankers millions but doesn’t want to give people with disabilities enough money to live on. reminder that education is geared to teach the ‘intelligent’ they deserve the world at the disadvantage of the ‘less-intelligent’. reminder that all mentally ill children and teenagers are just ‘attention-seekers’. reminder that all mentally disabled children and teenagers are just ‘lazy’. reminder that all mentally ill and mentally disabled adults aren’t even acknowledged.

reminder that women used to be labelled as ‘hysteric’ if they dared to be anything other than complacent tools for men to use, reminder that ‘hysterical’ women were ‘cured’ through institutionalization and abuse, reminder that boys are 5 more times likely to be diagnosed with autism and society is still more willing to call this a biological fact and not rampant misogyny

reminder that queer people and trans people are still frequently labelled as mentally ill. reminder that huge swathes of people still believe queer and trans people need to be ‘fixed’. reminder that homosexuality was only declassified as a mental health disorder in 1990. reminder that being transgender is still classified as a mental health disorder. reminder that navigating the mental health profession as a queer and/or trans person is a minefield because of all the homophobia and transphobia. reminder that the only reason people are researching the ‘causes’ is because they want to find a cure.

reminder that ableism is a tool used to oppress every minority. reminder that ableism is something that needs to be talked about.

reminder that ableism makes me incredibly angry and it should make you incredibly angry too.

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